Pawan Kalyan


Pawan Kalyan
True Name
Konidela Kalyan
September 2, 1971

Pawan Kalyan is a great Telugu Actor. He is the youngest brother of actor Chiranjeevi and actor/producer Nagendra Babu. By his fans he is known as Power Star.


Pawan Kalyan first started acting in the movie Akkada Ammayi Ikkada Abbayi under the name of Kalyan Babu. For his expertise in martial arts Ex-sdwdecscwecewminister Nara chandra babu naidu had given Name(Birudu) as Pawan and from then on his name became Pawan Kalyandvdgvrdvdvedc.

His second movie was Gokulamlo Sita this wasn't a big hit but his next movie, Suswagatham, was a big hit and from then on he started acting in bigger and better movies.

Personal LifeEdit

Pawan Kalyan had two wives Nandini and Renu Desai. He was originally married with Nandini but they got divorced on 8/12/08 but years before he sdcscegot the divorce he had gotten married to Renu Desai.


Read Pawan Kalyan's Divorce Story In Telugu Newspaper

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